Our Friends,

The Knowledge Book has been translated into our language in 1996 and our studies are continuing at full speed as Knowledge Book trainings and seminar programs.

These studies include the regular weekly trainings and free-of-charge public seminars where the Knowledge Book is reviewed and explained message by message.

Our purpose is both to discover the depth of meaning of these messages and also to help with the consciousness progressions of humanity through energy reflections.

In this way, we take into effect programs of service to the human being in their effort to attain the high consciousness of the values of Humanity as well as programs to support our weary earth in its need of restoration by purifying negativities through positive energy reflections.

For swift consciousness progressions, we can advise LIGHT as an introduction book to THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK and FROM SPACE TO THE WORLD as a Reference Book.

For more info on our seminars and training programs, you can send us an email:
or visit the contacts page to check for any studies in your region.

  • ALL introductory talks on the Knowledge Book are free and open to the public. You will hear fundamental information about the Book and its planetary unification program. Every guest will also receive, as a present, an Intro Set comprising 3 Knowledge Book chapters, and so be able to sample its energy and information.