Messages from the Knowledge Book


Our Terrestrial Friends,

At the moment, in this Golden Age Mission when you have received the Mission of conveying the Truth to All Consciousnesses on your planet, it is Imperative that You All henceforth learn All Truths. And this topic will Always be Frequently Repeated.

Everything that comes into Existence has a Process of formation. And the formation process of the reason of the Existence of Humanity is henceforth about to complete its program. On the grounds that the Brain Factor which has come to a specific maturity of Consciousness has no more potential to carry out on or to receive from your planet, Kozmoz has Subjected humanity to a different Evolution Program in the medium of this Final Cycle.

Kozmoz does not wish to have this produce of mature Brains Rot in the World Soil anymore. Therefore Kozmoz is henceforth Awaiting from humanity the Evolution and Consciousness of the Dimensions they can enter into with their Bodily Totalities.

Humanity has now reached the Final Scale that they can advance to through programs of mutation. Henceforth, humanity will Continue their lives with their Totalistic Bodies on Other Dimensions just like they were in the World, with a more unveiled Awareness.

It is for this reason that Kozmoz has come into direct contact with you. Everything that is being experienced on your planet at the moment are Operations carried out in order for your Karmas and your Evolutions to be finalized and for you to thus receive the Right of life on other Dimensions.

At the moment Kozmoz is Endeavoring Greatly to Remove the Decree of death and the program of Evolution until the 23rd Century, for the Salvation of your Entire planet.

Now all Knowledge and Operations are being focused on this Central issue.



Our Terrestrial Friends,

Life conditions on your Planet which has come to the Threshold of a great progression have become quite a sad situation. For this reason All Truths are being explained to You with All clarity. In this final transition medium of your planet, Everyone will have Consciousness progressions peculiar to themselves.

Since these Consciousness progressions will come into effect in Stages parallel to Time, Many People will Apply different programs to your planet in accordance with their Individual Consciousnesses.

Currently on your planet there are Many negative Consciousnesses who Oppose the System, due to the Influence of their Dimensions. This is a Tableau that is experienced in Each Cycle Period. The Actual Program of this Final Age is UNIFICATION and ACCEPTANCE.

It is for this reason that The Knowledge Book has been Bestowed on your planet as the Book of the Human Being. The Knowledge Book has been dictated with a special Technique that your planet does not yet Know. This is the ( LIGHT – PHOTON – CYCLONE ) Technique. In this Technique,

PHOTON : Fixes the Dimension Energies to the Letters.

LIGHT : Loads the Time Energy onto the Letters.

CYCLONE : Enables accessing the Frequencies of the Dimensions which could not be accessed until today.

In this dictation Technique, no matter which language The Knowledge Book is Translated into, it loses Nothing from its Frequency and the original, it remains the same. The Knowledge Book, which is the Book of the 21st Century, has a validity until the 40th Century. It is only the Frequencies of All Sacred Books Unified in The Knowledge Book that enables you to receive the 76th Energy of the Omega Channel within the 19th Dimension.

The Knowledge Book is a Cosmic Light Book that has a Very Intense Energy potential. With the Frequency of this Book, Humanity will achieve Consciousness progress, transcend Dimensions and Complete their Evolution in a Short Time. The Knowledge Book is a Book of Truth that reflects the Fourth Order of God to your planet.



Our Terrestrial Brothers and Sisters,

The Knowledge in The Knowledge Book is for the Explanation of All Sacred Books revealed to Your Planet until today and also for Reaching the Unknowns. Each Period is a program of 2000 years.

1 – The First Order : is the Order of the Ancient Periods. In this Period of 2000 years, Essences were Washed by Attracting Cosmic Energies by way of Meditation and humanity attained Pure Consciousness.

2 – In the Second Order, the programs of Ancient Teachings were presented to humanity through a quite Different System; and the Program of MOSES came into Effect since Humanity needed Knowledge to attain Consciousness. The Period of MOSES is also a program of 2000 years.

3 – The Third Order : is a System that Brought the Unified System of JESUS CHRIST and MOHAMMED until Today. And this program of 2000 years finalized the 20th century.

4 – And the Fourth Order is an Order that will come into effect after the year 2000 and no one has Known or Heard about this Order until Today.

THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK, which is an OMEGA Book, is the Book of the Fourth Order. However, (It is not a Book to be Worshipped).

In this Book, the Old Testament, the Psalms of David, the New Testament, the Koran and the Philosophies of the Far East as well as the Utterance of the Lord have been Unified as a Totality of Frequency.

In this Final Age, through the Frequency of the Knowledge Book, the Scientific Dimensions have been Reached and thus, the Truth has been Explained, Taboos have been abolished and the Attribute of Sacredness of the Book has been transferred to the Scientific Aspect. Now it is being passed Beyond Thoughts.



Our Terrestrial Friends,

We are a Group of Collective Councils with numerous Missions, Divine Ranks and Supreme Mechanism, Appointed in this Final Age to Inform you about the “Fourth Order of Allah” and to Explain to you how your habitual orders and Your Celestial Books are Conveyed to You.

Actually, we, as the Invisible Emissaries on the path of Eternal Past and Eternal Future have reached the present days Together with You. Only now have we Broken the Lock on the Gate of the Truth and thus, we Call out to You Directly from here.

Until today, no Power has been able to or ever can Trample on the rules of THE LORD. In this Final Age our Lord is Presenting a new program of His to Humanity.

This is “The Fourth Order” of Our Lord. In this Program, Our Lord has Unified the Frequencies of All the Sacred Books Given to your planet until today and removed their Attribute of Sacredness, and has thus Offered a Single Book to your planet as “The Knowledge Book”.

The Knowledge Book is not ever a Book to be Worshipped. This Book is not the Book of this Period just yet. It is the Book of the morrows that you will experience. Humanity will learn All Truths from this Book. THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK is the Single Book that will enable the Inter-continental Unification in the future years and take into effect the happy morrows in the SINGLE WORLD STATE uniting Humanity in a Brotherly World.

The Knowledge Book is a Book that has been Prepared in accordance with the Consciousness Levels found in every cross-section of Society, that Carries a Special Frequency Power. This Book Regulates its Frequency in accordance with the Reception Power of each Consciousness Level. For this reason, everyone receives the Knowledge according to their own Capacity. The Knowledge Book is directly the Book of THE LORD and this Book Prepares You from Today on for the Morrows.

Currently The Knowledge Book is a Guide for You, is the Enlightenment of the Morrows and is the Foundation of the Future Orders. By certain Technological means to be developed in Future Centuries, the Truth will be Comprehended by the Analyses of the Energy of The Knowledge Book and the Book will be Officially Accepted by the society.



We are a Group of Wise Ones who give special knowledge to the Planet Earth together with the Sirius Mission by the special Command of the Council of Stars. Only after the vibrations received from Your Planet have we made Contact with You.

The Sirius Star Council is responsible for the Universal Order. Sirius is an orderly planet administered by a Mission. It works cooperatively with the Council of Stars and the Assembly of the Constant Ones. It is responsible for giving knowledge regarding only the Milky Way Galaxy. The Council of Universal Unification is in direct contact with the Council of the Loyal Ones and the Assembly of Stars from the Sirius Dimension.

It receives the Commands from the Council of the Loyal Ones. The Council of the Loyal Ones is a Whole which Administers the inter-Galactic Unification. Other Missions, too, besides the Sirius Mission are serving towards the Golden Age.

The Plan of the Loyal Ones, which comprises great knowledge, has been prepared by the Loyal Supreme Ones and announced to Your Planet. But since this Knowledge has been given outside the System, it somewhat has an expression that’s sounds remote to your medium.

You know that SIRIUS is a double Universe Star. Each Galaxy is connected to this star by the Order it has created in its own structure.

However, the operational Ordinance of SIRIUS is the Operational Ordinance of the Universal Block. This means that, this is not an operation depending on two Universes only.

The stars of the ILONA Constellations are the closest stars to the Second Universe. As a whole, they are called the Third SIRIUS. And are connected to Your Planet directly by the Channel of the LORD.

It is constituted by Seven Stars lined one after the other. It has been the representative of the Hierarchical Order until today. Those who have given Celestial Knowledge to Your Planet until today have been broadcasting from here.

Your Channel is connected to the Channel of ALPHA which is the channel of this Order. It is a Focal Point which projects the Evolutionary Plan to the other constellations as well.

The Council of the Loyal Ones, the Council of Stars, the Assembly of the Supreme Ones and now, the Universal Council organize Your Order. Hence, the Intermediaries are cancelled and the Celestial Knowledge is given directly from the Third SIRIUS.

It is beneficial to explain the following: We said that these stars are lined up one behind the other. Due to the differences in orbits and the velocities of rotational periods, You can see only the Great Bright, the Small SIRIUS and ILONA, for the time being.

The Ordinance of SIRIUS is dominant in all the Universes. However, the Actual Source is the SIRIUS Focal Point in the Second Universe. Certain Dimensions call it the SIRIUS Sun. However, it is neither a Sun, nor a Star.

If We have to evaluate it beyond all the Suns, We can call it a Reflection Focal Point conveying both the Administrative and the Divine Hierarchical Order of the Mechanism and the System on every part of the Universe.

The operational Order of SIRIUS is different in each Universal Ordinance. The Power of the SIRIUS Focal Point in the Second Universe is projected on Nine Constellations in the First Universe.

We call this Focal Point of reflection, "The Nine Principles". The SIRIUS Focal Point in the Second Universe is also called THE GREAT WHITE BRIGHT. Now, the entire Cosmic Energy of this Focal Point is projected on Your Medium from the left Dimension of Your Sun.

The SIRIUS Constellations are Nine in number. It holds the Power of the entire Universe in its hand as the reflection of the Hierarchical Order. We will make You draw the Operational Ordinance of this Plan through diagrams. Then, You will understand it better. Now, draw the Diagram, please.


a) The Great Star - the Sirius Focal Point in the Second Universe, that is, the GREAT WHITE BRIGHT

b) The Star at the center - the Big Sirius in the First Universe, that is, the GREAT BRIGHT.

c) The small Star - the Small Sirius, or the Second Sirius. Its rotation period around the Big Sirius is 52 years. It projects periodically the Energy of the Big Sirius on the other constellations.

d) The black dots in the diagram are the ILONA Constellations or the Third Sirius.

(A)- Your Planet Earth.

Note: in the diagram, the rotation of the Small Sirius is shown as many stars. Do not misunderstand, it is single.

The SIRIUS Focal Point in the Second Universe Projects the Hierarchical Order on Special Sections. This Focal Point has undertaken the Awareness of the Entire Ordinance. Its Operational Ordinance is administered by the Missions. The Special Supervision of Your Solar System is under the Supervision of this Mission.

The Third SIRIUS is responsible for the Milky Way Galaxy (The Third SIRIUS is the first Nine). It is also called the ILONA Constellations. The SIRIUS in the First Universe, that is, the Big SIRIUS or the GREAT BRIGHT, is the Single Focal Point which projects the Order of the Plan by assembling in itself the entire Power of the SIRIUS Focal Point at the Second Universe.

The rotation period of the Small SIRIUS around Big SIRIUS is 52 years. The duty of the Small SIRIUS is to distribute fractionally the Energy of the Big Sirius to the Nine Constellations shown in the diagram.

These Constellations are not observed from Your Planet as they are lined up one behind the other. Only a Satellite sent from Your Planet can spot them from the rear plan.

The SIRIUS Focal Point in the Second Universe, that is, the Great White Bright is nothing but the reflection on You of a Plan much beyond the Mighty Energy Focal Point.

Presented for your knowledge.




First, let Us calculate the Energy Focal Point. And leave the explanation until later.

Add, one by one, the external big triangles of the star above.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 21. And, now, add the central triangles of both of the Universes:

12 + 9 = 21. Add separately, the small triangles of the Positive Infinite Universe and the Negative Infinite Universe:

7 + 11 =18 (Positive Infinite Universe)

8 + 10=18 (Negative Infinite Universe)

Now, add all the above numbers:

21+21+18 + 18 = 78. And if We divide this by 2, We find 39.

Now, add this number. We find 3 + 9 = 12.

If We add -the SINGLE- (ONE OF ONE), i.e., ONE to this number, We find 12 + 1 =13.

This is the Essence Focal Point. The operational Ordinance of the Supreme Assembly is also the same.

Later, We will explain this as well. Now, let Us explain the Mighty Energy Focal Point.

(We divide the above number 78 by 2, because there are two triangles, right side up and upside down, which constitute the Star.)

The Energy root of the Focal Point is the Peak Energy of the two Opposite Universes. This is the Mighty Energy.

In the above diagram, the two Opposite Universes, by separating the Energies of the Mighty Focal Point, constitute the Atomic Whole and create the Positive Infinite Universe and the Negative Infinite Universe.

The Spiral Sound Vibrations constitute the Molecular Whole of the Two Energy Focal Point by their Vibrations (These Vibrations are the Frequency of LA).

In the Actual Focal Point of the Mighty Energy, Positive and Negative Energies, together with the Spiral Vibrations, exist all together as a Whole.

These Two Opposite Universes, by separating the Energies there, distribute them until Infinity from different directions. Meanwhile, the Spiral Vibrations act as a Catalyst to constitute the Atomic Whole.

We unfold the Message a little more, for you to understand it better. Now, Think of two magnets standing back to back, the poles of which are open.

The two poles are radiating Energy to the space and the Spiral Vibrations which join the Energy Molecules at the Focal Point are, as if, binding these Energies with a Tie by acting as Catalysts, so that they will not be scattered and be lost in space.

Those which hold the Atomic Whole of the entire Universe together are these Vibrations. The Actual Focal Point of the Vibrations beyond these two (U) Universes, which are evaluated in accordance with the Ordinance of Capillary Vessels, are still being investigated.

Presented for your knowledge.



Spiral Vibrations are known as Energy chains reinforcing the Power of all Cosmoses. These Energy chains reflect on each other, one inside the other, in the Wholeness of a skein.

Spiral Vibrations are Energy rings reinforced by Ordinances beyond time. It is the Essence-Power of the Mighty Energy Focal Point and is the Energy Total of the Existential Dimension. All Living Beings come into Existence from this Energy Total.

Spiral Vibrations are an Energy net preventing all the Energies from slipping into the Infinite and getting lost and holding them together. And it is an Energy Skein.

Now, let Us explain the functioning style of the Spiral Vibrations. Draw please:

  • 1. One branch of the Alpha Dimension receiving Energy from the Negative Universe carries (-2) Power, the other one, (-1) Power.
  • 2. One branch of the Alpha Dimension receiving Energy from the Positive Universe carries (+2) Power, the other one, (+1) Power.

If We equalize the Energies in accordance with the style of spiral conveyance and with the Law of Equilibrium:

(-2) of the Negative branch is balanced by (+1) of the Positive branch and (-1) is released.

(+2) of the Positive branch is balanced by (-1) of the Negative branch and (+1) is released.

These released Energies are accumulated in the Essence Power Focal Point of the Alpha Dimension and project from there.

In accordance with the operation above, the Negative Energy is released from the Focal Point of Positive Alpha and projects in inverse proportion.

This means that Positive Alpha reinforces the Negative Universe, Negative Alpha reinforces the positive Universe. The functioning style of the spiral Vibrations is this. The Ordinance of equilibrium, the Universal Totality are provided thus. Chains are added to the chain of Cosmoses by this means.

These Alpha Dimensions have nothing to do with the Channel of Alpha. Do not confuse them with each other. One of them is Universal Dimensions, the other is a channel.



Note : The Center is Saturn. However, it is only a Projecting Focal Point. The Actual Source expands up to various extremely advanced and different Solar Dimensions. It is presented for your knowledge.



Our Friends,

The Operational Ordinance of the Atomic Whole and the entire System is under the Command of the Supervision. (PRE-EMINENT SPIRIT- LORDS - FEDERATION - COUNCIL). This is the Directing Staff of the Entire Ordinance.

  • 1 - MECHANISM OF THE PRE-EMINENT SPIRIT: It is a Focal Point which projects and introduces the Evolutionary System to the MECHANISM OF LORDS which directs the Supreme Mechanism of each Plan. There are numerous Plans and Systems of the PRE-EMINENT SPIRIT. This Focal Point is the Actual organizers of the Order of the entire Ordinance, even though they seem to be the Administrators of the Supreme Ordinance of a System beyond anything and any Power.

  • 2 - MECHANISM OF LORDS: They are the Establishers and the projectors of the Orders working both in connection with the Federation and with the System of the PRE-EMINENT SPIRIT and who act by the instructions of the Federation.

  • 3 - FEDERATION: Is an Operational Center which always Establishes Orders in accordance with the Evolutionary Order of an Order Establishing Ordinance.

    This Center is not single. It is constituted by the Unification of many Different Orders.
    And now, this FEDERATION has taken under Supervision all these different Systems, in accordance with the System of the Unified Ordinance, as a necessity of the Constitution, by the Collective Consciousness of the entire Ordinance.

  • 4 - COUNCIL: This is the Single Focal Point projecting all the operations, all the Orders of the FEDERATION on the entire Cosmos. (The Knowledge Book is being dictated through the Special Channel of the COUNCIL). This COUNCIL has many operational and disseminational branches. Please write in sequence:

And these Three Sources by working Cooperatively reflect on a triplet. Each of these Councils has an Administrative Assembly. Now, write the other triplet:

  • 3 - CENTER

And these three Centers by working Cooperatively project the different Hierarchical Orders of the entire Evolutionary Ordinance and the Divine Plan on the Plan and its directors.

And this Plan is administered by numerous Ordinance and Order Establishing Mechanisms. The Missions are the direct projectors of these Orders.

These Missions are responsible for the Evolutionary and Orderly Ordinance of each Plan. For example, SIRIUS is a Projective Mechanism of an Order which is administered by numerous Missions.

It has numerous Focal Points. It works directly in connection with the Center. And this Center projects many Hierarchical Orders on this SIRIUS Focal Point.

From here, Mission allotment is made among Missions and each Mission performs the Mission it has undertaken.



Our Friends,

Messages given to all the Groups on Your Planet are being given in accordance with Capacity and the Medium Consciousness. In this medium, each focal point has great Missions that should be undertaken both by Itself and by the Medium it is in. Many Focal Points are expanding towards the maximum with the Knowledge beginning with the minimum. This Operational Ordinance acts in the tempo of KNOWLEDGE – CONSCIOUSNESS – MISSION – DEEDS.

Knowledge renders the Human Conscious. Consciousness invites to Mission. And Mission leads to Deeds. The very operational tempo desired by the System is an elevation in this way. Now, We are inviting all the Friend Groups who have made Progress of Knowledge and Consciousness to Unity.

GOLDEN ESSENCEs and SOLAR CONSCIOUSNESSes will constitute the foundation stones of the GOLDEN AGE, the Foundation of which will be laid by the Services performed in the best way on the path of Humanity. In this Period, Your Mission is to project the Truth by warning and awakening your surroundings. This Mission of Yours is the greatest assistance you render to Humanity.

Overcome Your Egos, Unify. You will see with your own eyes that Harmony will occur in a very short time through these Unions. And you will attain the Truth through the events that are experienced. Our Love is upon all the Universes.



Our Friends,

THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK is a Reformist explanation OF THE GODLY ORDER to which you have been habituated until today. Habit is a Passion and a Taboo. In this Period of Universal Integration, we are trying to eliminate Your Taboos by telling You the Truth.

Passions restrict advancement in Brains that have become numb causing You to become like Drug Addicts. However, Evolution is Interminable. And these Evolvement Dimensions also have Systems and Examinations Peculiar to themselves. The reason why we are telling You everything in all clarity is that you will be taken into more Accelerated Evolutions in the Narrowing Time Dimensions.

Fears are due to Non-consciousness. Read, become Conscious and attain the Truth through Your Essence Conscience. The Choice is entirely Yours. We have set the table. Through this KNOWLEDGE BOOK, we present to each person, each Consciousness the food s/he will like and will eat with appetite.

Presented for your Knowledge.







This Diagram is a cross-section of the Focal Point that Projects the operational Order of the Mechanism of Lords. To comprehend this better, You may Assume the above figure as a big Gurz with many Crystal Prisms on it.

The Operational Ordinance of the Mechanism of Lords is Single at the Center. This reflects on Four Focal Points. They work Collectively as a Fivefold Ordinance. And they reflect on Eight Focal Points. All of them, as 13 Focal Points, form a Whole that is called (the SINGLE). Secrets within the Secret are concealed here in the TABLET OF GOD’S DECREES. Here is the Concealed Treasure OF THE LORD.

This whole, that is, the SINGLE, works directly in connection with the ALL-DOMINATING THE ABSOLUTE (It is the ONE that projects the SINGLE Focal Point). This reflects by a Prismatic Order on the Eight Focal Points seen on the diagram. And the operational Order of the Mechanism of Lords is projected on the Evolutionary Dimensions as 9 Focal Points by a Hierarchical Order.



Universes are interminable, having no boundaries. Within each Universe, there are many Cosmoses, many Realms. The single common point of this Divine Order is the Atomic Unification. All the Galaxies are under the Command of a common Section. We call them “Kozma Unification Centers”.

Kozma Unification Centers are 27 in number. Each Unification Center Supervises a Realm. Realms are constituted by numerous Galaxy-clusters. 18,000 Realms constitute a Cosmos and let’s continue, 18,000 Cosmoses constitute the Universe of the System.

The Cosmos Corresponds to a Universe in which All Galactic Mediums exist. However, these Cosmoses assemble many Universes. Let us explain this more clearly to You:

In accordance with the Eighteen System Law, each Cosmos has a Governor and there is a Higher Level to which each governor is connected.

In accordance with the operational and the conveyance System of the Mechanism of Lords, the LORD of 18,000 Realms is connected to the LORD of one Cosmos. 18 Cosmoses bring one Universe into being. That is, the Lord of 18 Cosmoses is in Service in connection with the SINGLE who is the Governing Mechanism of that Universe.

And 18,000 Cosmoses form the Universe of the System. That is, 1,000 Universes are the Whole of the System. And its Governor is the ONE. That is, One Thousand SINGLEs are obliged to Serve the ONE. All the Systems and Ordinances we have mentioned until today are subject to the functioning style of this Order.

In the CRYSTAL GURZ that is the Atomic Whole, there are 1,800 Existential Dimensions. Each Existential Dimension is a Mini Atomic Whole. The very Systems of these Mini Atomic Wholes is an Order connected to the ONE.

That is, 1,800 ONEs are obliged to Serve the ALL-MERCIFUL who is the Governing Mechanism of that Crystal Gurz. Inside a Mini Atomic Whole, that is, inside an Existential Dimension, there are numerous Galaxy Clusters – Realms – Cosmoses – Universe Clusters.

The Governor of this System is the ONE.

  • 1. SINGLE : It is the Focal Point to which the Governing Staff of each Universe is connected. Each Universal Order is obliged to Serve its own SINGLE.

  • 2. ONE : It is the Focal Point to which the entire Operational Ordinance of the Universe of the System is connected. All the projection Focal Points of the Hierarchical Order are connected to this Focal Point. The SINGLEs of 1,000 Universes work in connection with the ONE of the System.

  • 3. ALL-MERCIFUL : It is the Governor of the Gurz System. All the ONEs work connected to this System. TO SERVE THE THREE OF THEM – IS TO SERVE THE WHOLE.



  • 1 - From Galaxy Clusters, Realms are formed
  • 2 - From Realm Clusters, Cosmoses are formed
  • 3 - From Cosmos Clusters, Universes are formed
  • 4 - And Universe Clusters go on interminably.

Now here, we are disclosing to You only the Order of the System.

The System is the Unified Reality. 1,800 Unified Reality Systems are Serving the Gurz System. Now, write, please:

All the Galaxies are under the Command of a Common Section.

These are called KOZMA UNIFICATION CENTERS. They are 27 in number.

Each Unification Center Supervises a REALM. These Unification Centers, too, are Supervised by different Centers.

In accordance with Our System:

3 Galaxies are a Whole.

6 Galaxies = are called 1 NOVA.

3 Novas = are 18 GALAXIES.

18 Galaxies = As an Essence Nucleus forms a small (UNIVERSE NUCLEUS).

18 Galaxy Whole = is called 1 KOZMA. That is:

1 Kozma = is a Small Universe Nucleus.

3 Kozmas = form 3 Universe Nuclei.

3 Universe Nuclei = are 54 Galaxies.

54 Galaxies = form 1 Galaxy Cluster.

9 Galaxy Clusters = are called A UNIVERSAL COLONY.

1 Universal Colony = is formed by 486 Galaxies.

486 Galaxies = constitute 27 KOZMAS. That is, if 486 Galaxies make 1 Universal Colony and, since the 18 Galaxy Whole is called 1 Kozma, if We divide 486 Galaxies by 18 Galaxies, we find 27 KOZMAS.

Since 27 Kozmas = 1 Universal Colony, and since that is equal to 486 Galaxies, now, calculate 18 Universal Colonies:

486 x 18 = 8,748 Galaxies is obtained (This is called 1 Kozma Unification Center).

So let us repeat again:

One Universal Colony = 27 Kozmas = 486 Galaxies

18 Universal Colonies = 8,748 Galaxies = 486 Kozmas (This is called 1 Kozma Unification Center).

Now, calculate 27 Kozma Unification Centers:

Since 1 Kozma Unification Center = 8,748 Galaxies;

27 Kozma Unification Centers = 8,748 x 27 = is formed by 236,196 Galaxies.

And to calculate how many Kozmas the 236,196 Galaxies make; since 1 Kozma, is formed by 18 Galaxies, if we divide the number 236,196 by 18 we find the number 13,122.

That is 236,196 Galaxies = are 13,122 Kozmas.



The 27 Kozma Unification Centers are in Service through three branches.

Each of the 9 Kozma Unification Centers Supervises 9 REALMs. That is:

27 Kozma Unification Centers Supervise 27 Realms.

One Kozma Unification Center = is 486 Kozmas.

9 Kozma Unification Centers = are 4,374 Kozmas.

27 Kozma Unification Centers = are 13,122 Kozmas.

486 Kozmas = are 8,748 Galaxies.

4,374 Kozmas = are 78,732 Galaxies.

13,122 Kozmas = 236,196 Galaxies. That is:

27 Kozma Unification Centers Supervise 236,196 Galaxies.

Now, calculate one Realm:

If A Kozma Unification Center = 486 Kozmas = make 8,748 Galaxies;

And since 1 Kozma Unification Center Supervises 1 Realm,

1 Realm = makes 8,748 Galaxies. Now, calculate 18,000 Realms:

18,000 x 8,748 = 157,464,000 Galaxies make 18,000 Realms.

Since 18,000 Realms = make 1 Cosmos;

1 Cosmos = is 157,464,000 Galaxies.

Since 1 Universe = is formed by 18 Cosmoses, if you find how many Galaxies form 1 Universe, that many Galactic Orders are obliged to Serve the SINGLE.

And 18,000 Cosmoses form the UNIVERSE OF THE SYSTEM. That is, 1,000 Universes are the Whole of the Universe of the System. Order of 18,000 Cosmoses is a Management connected to the ONE. At the moment, All the Services are made for HIM.

Let us unfold this Knowledge a little bit more for you to be able to comprehend better:

1. In conformity with the Universal Unification, the Galaxies consisting of Kozmas form the Realms.

2. Numerous Realms bring a Cosmos into being. This is a Systematic tableau.

3. And Many Cosmoses bring the Universe that is subject only to the eighteen System Law into being.

4. In the Centrifugal Universe, there is a Rotation Speed within each other and a sequence within each other. There is an Expansion and an Opening from the center towards the circumference of the circle.

5. Universes are one inside the other like the Rings of a time tunnel. Seven Universe Rings constitute a Universe.

6. 189 Universes, existing one inside the other, bring into being many Realms and Cosmoses.

7. Each Galaxy has a small Universe belonging to itself and a very Powerful Magnetic Field.

8. This Magnetic Power is provided by the Energies of the Solar Systems within its Constitution.

9. Black Holes are very Powerful Energy Vortexes that swallow the Meteors the Centrifugal Speed of which have slowed down.

10. These Vortexes Transform immediately these Meteors, which they swallow, into Energy and reinforce the reduced Energy of Your Universe.

11. These Energies are transmitted to Your Universe by White Holes. This is a Circulation System. One swallows, the other vomits.

12. Galaxies maintain their courses by being subject to the eighteen System Law.

13. For Us, Three Galaxies are accepted as a Whole

14. Six Galaxies are, according to Us, a NOVA.

15. Three Novas are the Essence Nucleus of eighteen Galaxies; eighteen Galaxies are the Nucleus of a small Universe.

16. Within the UNIVERSE there are many Universal Nuclei. And these bring into being the Universe-Clusters.

17. Each Big-Bang Brings into being eighteen Galaxies.

18. Eighteen Galaxies are a KOZMA.

19. Each Kozma is a small Universe Nucleus. These are very Powerful Atomic Bonds.

20. In Our Galaxies, each Kozma is Evaluated as a small Sun.

21. Three Universe Nuclei are a Galaxy-Cluster consisting of 54 Galaxies.

22. Add up the Number 54 in this manner: 5 + 4 = 9.

23. Nine Galaxy-Clusters constitute one of Our Universal Colonies.

24. One Universal Colony of ours is constituted by 486 Galaxies.

25. Add up the Number 486 in this manner: 4 + 8 + 6 = 18.

26. 18 Universal Colonies, that is, 8748 Galaxies are a Kozma Unification.

27. Each Unification is under the Supervision of different Centers.

28. Add up the Number of 8748 in this manner: 8 + 7 + 4 + 8 = 27.

29. 27 Kozma Unifications bring into being a REALM. Each Unification Center Supervises a Realm.

30. One Realm assembles 236,196 Galaxies within its Constitution.

31. 18,000 Realms form a Cosmos. That is, a Cosmos is constituted by 236,196 x 18,000 = 4,251,528,000 Galaxies.

32. 18,000 Cosmoses bring into being the Universe of the System.

33. 18,000 Realms are under the Supervision of the Assembly of the Constant Ones that is under the Command of the Law of the Almighty the Absolute. This Assembly is in the SIRIUS Star. Calculations after this extend towards the infinite Dimension.

34. Now, add up the number 4,251,528,000: 4 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 8 + 000 = 27.

35. Since the evaluations in the System are Three to the power of Three, if we divide 27 by 3, the result will always be the Prime number “9”. This is the Immutable Theory of the Divine Command.

36. Each Galaxy has a Rotation Speed and a Universal tableau peculiar to itself.

37. Each KOZMA is subject to a Universal Law.

38. Each Galaxy has direct channels connected to the Central System.

39. Now, we have received the Command to include Your KOZMA, that is, Your small Universe Nucleus constituted by 18 Galaxies, in this Universal Colony.

40. The SIRIUS Mission is Responsible only for the Supervision of Your Milky Way Galaxy.

41. Selection is controlled and Supervised by a Mechanical System.

42. The SIRIUS Mission is obliged to Unite the Solar Systems within its Constitution, in conformity with the Unified Field.

43. Solar Systems under the Supervision of each Galaxy are subject to different Evolutions.

44. Now, we are trying to Prepare You for the medium of Salvation by the Command of the LORD Mechanism.

45. Each Galaxy has a LORD Mechanism.

46. These LORDs are not the Almighty the Absolute.

47. Your Religious Suggestions have been given to You in accordance with the Consciousness of the medium you are in.

48. God Evaluates You in accordance with Your Behavior.

49. The most primitive Level of Evolvement in Your Galaxy is Your Planet. Evaluations are started from the Zero Frequency.

50. Fear is primitiveness, there is no Heaven, no hell, no Jinn, no Fairy, no Devil. These are each the Negative mirror-images of the conditioned Consciousnesses.

51. You are deprived of solution due to Your narrow Capacities.

52. You are subject to such a System that only Love, Tolerance and Goodwill can reinforce the Potential of Your Universe.

53. Otherwise, Your Planet is doomed to be annihilated. You will destroy yourselves. You are the ones who are Responsible for this.

54. Those who complete the World Evolvement are taken into more advanced Evolvement Mediums.

55. Those who pass the Test of the most advanced Dimension of Your Galaxy are the Solar Teachers of Your Galaxy. If they wish, they are Embodied in Your World once more in order to be able to give You Knowledge.

56. Those who cannot come to the Evolvement chart are kept waiting at the Spadium Station. And they complete their Evolvements by being subject to Incarnations again and again.

57. You can never be taken to the Advanced Evolvement Dimension if you cannot overcome Your Ego.

58. Those who earn the right to enter the Advanced Evolvement Dimension are taken into contact, one by one, with the Galactic Mediums of their own Kozmas.

59. Each Galaxy is connected to Four Knowledge channels. And these Four Channels are, one by one, shedding Light on the Solar Systems in the direction of the Medium they are in.

60. Each channel is administered by a Commission constituted by 6 Supreme Ones.

61. The Supreme Assembly is formed by the Command of the Center and the Unification of the Four Channels, that is, by the mediation of 24 Supreme Ones.

62. Your Universal Book, which is dictated, is being dictated directly by the Command OF THE LORD.

63. The Book is the Constitution of 18 Galaxies, that is, of Your Kozma and it is its SINGLE Book.

64. Service is to the Single Hand – the Single Order – the Single Book.

65. We are obliged to Connect each 18 Galaxies to the 72nd Dimension from beyond time. But it is not the due time yet for this Knowledge.

66. And We want to add something here: The writings you have received are being given directly from the Universal Mechanism. For this reason, everything is in alignment with the original.



Our Friends,

Now, We will have You draw a schematic cross-section of a GÜRZ so that You can know it better and more closely. First, please, draw the figure of a Gurz:

Focus the Main Existential; around it draw the Magnetic Field of the Gurz to be shown in dots. First draw the Projecting Pyramids of the 6 Universes of Light in the Triangle of the Dimension of Nothingness. Focus the Reflection Arrows on the Great Pyramid. This Great Pyramid is the Universe of Light.

Inside this Big Triangle, draw the 7th Collecting Universe. And from this Great Universe of Light draw a Reflecting Arrow towards the Main Existential Dimension. On the left side of the Main Existential Dimension, place a –∞ sign and on its right, place a +∞ sign. Within the GÜRZ, exactly under the Main Existential Focal Point, draw the Star of the Reality Unifying the two Dimensions (Allness – Nothingness), that is, the Unification of the Down-Pointing and the Up-Pointing Triangles.

Place within the Gurz 18 Mini Atomic Spiral Connections (in this schematic drawing, each Mini Atomic Whole assembles in its structure 100 Mini Atomic Wholes). And now, draw the 16 Projecting Crystal Stalagmites outside the Gurz. This very schema is the cross-section of a Crystal Gurz (Thank You, Our Friend).

The Great Universe of Light seen in the schema above is the Dimension of ALL-MERCIFUL. The triangle in which the System of the All-Merciful is present is called the Dimension of NOTHINGNESS or the Dimension of ALMIGHTY THE ABSOLUTE. In this Dimension, the ALMIGHTY LAWS are Prepared.

The Supervisor of the GÜRZ is the ALL-MERCIFUL. The Responsible one of the Dimension of Nothingness is the ALMIGHTY THE ABSOLUTE.

The Almighty the Absolute is a Totality directly Connected to the PRE-EMINENT POWER; the Reality is directly Connected to the ALL-MERCIFUL. We have explained to You in former Messages the operational Ordinance of the Spiral Vibrations. Each Order in the Universe Projects the same operational Ordinance from the Bigger towards the Smaller in accordance with the 18 System Laws. Presented for Your Knowledge.



Our Friends,

The Atomic Whole, that is, the Natural Gurz is the Reflection Focal Point of a Whole. And the Symbol of the Sixfold Star that Represents the Reality within the Gurz is the Reflection Center of this Whole.

The Gurz Totality is drawn Schematically in the Knowledge Book for You to be able to comprehend it easily. However, everything is a Totalistic ball one inside the other. And everything Emanates from the Center of the Globe.

All the Systems are present as a Whole within the Energy Focal Point that we call the Universe of Light. And from here, each Totality makes Reflections onto the Dimensions of Mission connected to itself.

The Universe of Light is a Totality constituted by 9 Layers. Please, draw a Schema according to the Knowledge we will give now, so that you can comprehend this better, and numerate each Layer:

If you accept the (6) Triangles encircling the Surrounding of the Great Pyramid within the Universe of Light as a Center, there are 9 Intense Energy Layers enveloping its Surrounding.

All the Systems which make Reflections onto the Different Layers of the Gurz Totality have taken their places, one by one, in these very Layers.

Each Layer up to the Symbolic Sixfold Star of the Reality makes Reflections according to its Missions from this Totality of Light.

This very Totality is the Operational Ordinance of the Universe of Light and it is a Whole.

The entire Energy of the Universe of Light, the entire Energy of the Existential Dimension and the entire Energy of the Star of the Reality are Equivalent to the Energy attracted from the Thought Ocean of the Pre-Eminent Power.

For this reason, all the Knowledge is projected from these Three Totalities:

  • 1. The Universe of Light is a Knowledge Storehouse in which all the Knowledge is assembled in a Whole. It is also called the Knowledge Layer.
  • 2. Since the Existential Dimension Serves as a Network of Reflection, it is also called the Layer of Reflection.
  • 3. Since the Symbolic Sixfold Star that Represents the Reality within the Gurz is responsible for the Evolutionary and Universal Programs, it is also called the Dimension of Training and Plan.

The “Center-Point Energy Center” in the Universe of Light is the Totality of Central Suns. It is called the Dimension of All-Merciful.

Of the 9 Layers that envelope this Totality:

  • 1 - At the First Layer Serves the Council of Universal Ordinance.
  • 2 - At the Second Layer Serves the Council of Unified Ordinance.
  • 3 - From the Third Layer the System makes Reflection.
  • 4 - At the Fourth Layer the Program of the Ordinance is in Effect.
  • 5 - At the Fifth Layer the Program of the Order is in Effect.
  • 6 - At the Sixth Layer there is the Unified Council.
  • 7 - At the Seventh Layer the Kozmos Federal Assembly is in Service.
  • 8 - At the Eighth Layer there is the Totality of the Reality of Unified Humanity.
  • 9 - At the Ninth Layer Serves the Golden Galaxy Empire.

These are all present within the Operational Totality of the Universe of Light. However, their Dimensions of Reflection are Different according to the performed Missions.



The preceding diagram has been given as an aid for the Gurz and the Hierarchical Knowledge within the Book. Since all the 1800 Mini Atomic Wholes present within a Gurz would not fit into the drawing, a Mini Atomic Whole indicated in the drawing in the diagram comprises symbolically (100 Mini Atomic Wholes).

And Around each Mini Atomic Whole there is a Horizon Ring. In the Diagram within the thick black line which Encircles the Gurz, there are (the Protective Armor – the Filtering Ring – the Breath and Horizon Rings).

And these Energy Layers are reflecting, exactly as they are, on the Energy Rings that encircle the 600 Mini Atomics. And from there, they reflect, exactly as they are, on the Mini Atomics. The Administrative Totality of the Gurz = The Lord (Rab) – The All-Merciful (Rahman) – The All-Compassionate (Rahim) Triplet. Their common symbols are expressed by the R³ Symbol.

The Natural Totality of the Gurz is divided Dimensionally into Three. These are the Universe of Light = Dimension of Nothingness (Hiçlik Boyutu), the Second Universe = Dimension of Life (Hayat Boyutu), Totality of the All-Compassionate = Dimension of Allness (Heplik Boyutu). Their common Symbols are expressed by the Symbol H³.

As we have said before, the Totalistic Symbol of the Governing, Supervising and Orienting Mechanisms of the GURZ Totality is Known as R³.

These are the Lord – the All-Merciful – the All-Compassionate. LORD = the Creator. ALLMERCIFUL = the Responsible One for the Universe of Light. ALL-COMPASSIONATE = the All-Dominating The Absolute. These Three Mechanisms work as a Whole in the Gurz Totality.

And all these operations are conveyed to You through a Hierarchical Reflection from the Top to the Bottom. This Knowledge reaching the Bottom finds an Application field in its own Medium. And the results of the operations carried out are conveyed up to the ALL-MERCIFUL through the same Hierarchical channels. Now, let us first briefly explain the Top to Bottom Hierarchy:

  • 1. The Totality of the All-Merciful is the Single Focal Point in which the operational Plans of a Gurz are Prepared. This is called the Dimension of the All-Merciful. And its Supervisor is the ALL-MERCIFUL.

  • 2. The Dimension of the All-Merciful is within the Union of Central Suns. And the ALL-MERCIFUL conveys His Suggestions to this Union of Suns.

  • 3. And the Union of Central Suns gives these Suggestions to the Council of Universal Ordinance.

  • 4. The Council of Universal Ordinance gives these Suggestions it receives to the Council of Unified Ordinance.

  • 5. The Union of Central Suns – the Council of Universal Ordinance – the Council of Unified Ordinance are within the Universe of Light.

  • 6. The Council of Unified Ordinance conveys the Suggestions of the ALL-MERCIFUL to the System – Ordinance – Order Triplet.

  • 7. And the Totalities of System – Ordinance – Order give the Knowledge they receive to the Spokespeople who represent them.

  • 8. This Group of Spokespeople formed by Three Persons is called the Unified Council.

  • 9. The Unified Council conveys these Suggestions to the Kozmos Federal Assembly.

  • 10. The System – Ordinance – Order and the Kozmos Federal Assembly are in the Second Universe.

  • 11. The Kozmos Federal Assembly conveys the Suggestions of the ALL-MERCIFUL it receives to the Reality of Unified Humanity which is within the Gurz.

  • 12. And the Reality of Unified Humanity gives these Suggestions to the Golden Galaxy Empire.

  • 13. The Golden Galaxy Empire projects this Knowledge it receives on the Lordly – Spiritual – Technological Order which is present at the Ring of Horizon of the Mini Atomic Totality.

  • 14. And the Lordly – Spiritual – Technological Order conveys this Knowledge it receives to the World Lord Who is the Supervisor of His/Her own Mini Atomic.

  • 15. And the World Lord conveys this Knowledge S/He receives to the Nucleic World to which S/He is directly Connected.

  • 16. All the Knowledge received is Projected on the Ordinances of the Universes from this Nucleic World. This is a Hierarchy Projected from the Top to the Bottom.

These Hierarchical Scales are the Projecting chains of an operational Order both from the Top – to the Bottom and from the Bottom – to the Top.

Presented for Your Knowledge.



Our Friends,

Let Us disclose a little more the Knowledge We have given to You about the GURZ:

Each Existential Dimension is a Mini Atomic Power. Within a Gurz, there are 1800 Mini Atomic Wholes. And within each Mini Atomic Whole, there are 1800 Universes. 1000 of those Universes are the Centrifugal Universe that is the Projecting Focal Point of the System of Reality.

For this reason, each Mini Atomic Whole is also called the Centrifugal Universe. Above each of these Mini Atomic Powers, there are separate Horizon Rings.

These Horizon Rings are the Outside of those Mini Atomic Wholes.

Here, the SPIRITUAL – LORDLY – TECHNOLOGICAL Orders work Collectively. And they project, as the Order of the Reality, their operations into the Mini Atomic Whole.

1800 Mini Atomic Wholes, that is, Mini Existential Dimensions, constitute a CRYSTAL GURZ. The Crystal Gurz is the ATOMIC WHOLE. It is a POWER SKEIN assembling in its Constitution 1800 Existential Dimensions.

This Crystal Gurz is a Whole constituted of a NUCLEUS – CENTERPOINT – CRUST.

600 Existential Dimensions are within a Breath Ring. And Three BREATH RINGS are within the FILTERING Rings. The three Breath Rings constitute the NUCLEUS of the Gurz. These Three Whole Nuclei are Equivalent.

The void encircled by the Filtering Rings constitute the CENTERPOINT of the Crystal Gurz.

These Filtering Rings are 9 layers. And on top of them there is a Protective Sieve Armor; this constitutes the CRUST of the Gurz.

After that come the CRYSTAL STALAGMITES. These Crystal Stalagmites have the same Length in all the Crystal Gurzes. The Length of each one of them is (133,000 OKs). In accordance with the World calculations: 1 OK = 1.5 billion kms.

Let us repeat again: Each Crystal Gurz is a Whole constituted by 1800 Existential Dimensions. Each Crystal Gurz has a Main Existential Dimension, a Universe of Light, that is, a Dimension of Nothingness, an Order of Realities and a Dimension of Allness under the Administration of the All-Dominating the Absolute.

There are millions of Crystal Gurzes floating in the Thought Ocean of the PRE-EMINENT POWER. However, these Atomic Wholes can be rendered Ineffective when necessary because of the Danger of explosion due to the Expansion occurring within them in the processes of time.

These Atomic Wholes are connected to each other by Powerful Energy cords like Your Spiritual Silver Cords. The Gurz becoming dangerous is Separated from this cord and is taken into the DIMENSION OF EQUILIBRIUM. Later, it is again rendered Effective.

All these procedures function subject to the 18 System Laws. Within each Mini Atomic Whole, there are Realms, Cosmoses, Universes and Galaxy Clusters.

They all operate being subject to the Orders of their own EXISTENTIAL Dimensions.

These Systems can reflect on each other according to the Evolution Steps. (Those within the Dimension of All-Dominating the Absolute.)

The Supervision of all of these over millions of Crystal Gurzes are under the patent of the PREEMINENT POWER.

He is neither an ALLAH, nor a LORD, nor the ALMIGHTY THE ABSOLUTE. These Words, that is, Allah, Almighty the Absolute, Lord, All-Dominating the Absolute, All-Merciful are the Totalities that form the Operational Order of the System.

In order to be able to explain this PRE-EMINENT POWER to You, We have mentioned Him as the Almighty the Absolute until today. Now, We explain everything in all clarity. Presented for Your Knowledge.



Our Friends,

Dimensions of Solar Systems are Evaluated separately on the chart of the System as Evolution and Energy Dimensions. For this reason, there is an Evolution Dimension and an Energy Dimension and a Solar Dimension, each Solar System is included in (Solar Dimensions are also called Solar Totalities).

In fact, Evolutionary Ordinance and Solar Systems are a Whole in the Universal Ordinance. However, in the given Knowledge, we give this Whole by separating it into Dimensions, Energy – Evolution Scales so that You can grasp this totalistic Potential better. Now, let us explain them, one by one. Write please:

ALION is a Planet between the (26)th and the (27)th Solar Systems carrying an Evolution Frequency in between (29 – 30) and that has a Special Positioning. Its Energy Dimension is (118). It has its place between the (27)th and the (28)th Solar Dimensions. The SYSTEM OF THE SIXES that the Sixes established together for the first time, was established here.

Those who come to Your Planet from the Energy Dimensions beyond the (20)th Solar System are the Missionaries of the Galaxies. They are the Prophets – Saints – Holinesses and the Solar Teachers.

Now, let us explain the Dimensions:

  • 1- Your World starts its Evolution in (0) Frequency, in the Third Evolution Dimension and within the First Solar Dimension. Since the First Energy Step of the Normal Consciousness Levels Corresponds to the (12)th Energy Dimension, the positioning Your World is in begins with the (12)th Energy Dimension.

  • 2- The (3)rd and the (4)th Evolution Dimensions are within the First Solar System. In these Dimensions, the Evolution of this Solar System is made. The Fourth Dimension Corresponds to the (16)th Energy Dimension. And, at the same time, it has its place in the (2)nd Solar Dimension. The (3)rd and the (4)th Dimensions comprise (7) Terrestrial Knowledge. Each Knowledge is the Evolution Step of that Dimension. This is called Evolution of Knowledge. And the First Step of this Evolution of (7) Terrestrial Knowledge is the SPADIUM. The (4)th Evolution Dimension is the Entrance Gate of Karena*. It is also called the “Dimension of Heaven”. There are 4 more Evolution Steps there. And Reincarnations come to an end in the (4)th Dimension.

  • 3- The (5)th Evolution Dimension is the Second Solar System. And in this Dimension, the Evolution of this Solar System is made. The (5)th Evolution Dimension Corresponds to the (20)th Energy Dimension. And it is within the Third Solar Dimension.

  • 4- The (6)th Evolution Dimension is in the Third Solar System. This Dimension is the Dimension of Immortality. And its Evolution is Equivalent to the Evolution of the (6)th Solar System. Its positioning Corresponds to the (24)th Energy Dimension. And it is within the Fourth Solar Dimension. The (5)th and the (6)th Evolution Dimensions are the Dimensions of Preparation and Immortality. In the (5)th Dimension, there are (2) Tranquil Times and (5) Supreme Times. This Dimension comprises (7) Celestial Knowledge. This is the Exit Gate of Karena. The (6)th Dimension is to be born into the Dimension of Immortality. And since Consciousness Ascension is made here, it is also called the “Dimension of Ascension”.

  • 5- The (7)th Evolution Dimension is the Fourth Solar System. The Evolution of this Dimension is Equivalent to the Evolution of the (4)th Solar System. Its positioning Corresponds to the (28)th Energy Dimension and it is within the (5)th Solar Dimension. The (7)th Evolution Dimension is the Reflecting Focal Point of the GAMMA Dimension. By this reflection, Humanity is Prepared for the (14)th Solar System.

  • 6- The (8)th Evolution Dimension is the First Step of the Spiritual Dimension. And this Dimension has (9) Steps. Its Final Step is the Path of Golden Light. This Dimension is the (5)th Solar System. Its positioning Corresponds to the (32)nd Energy Dimension. And it is in the (6)th Solar Dimension. This Dimension is the Reflecting Focal Point of the (15)th Solar System. The (7)th and the (8)th Dimensions comprise (7) Universe Knowledge. The (7)th Dimension is the Final Manifestation Boundary of Humanity. It is called the Plane of Perfection. The (8)th Dimension is the Spiritual Dimension. Each individual who makes the Evolution of the (7)th Dimension claims his/her Spiritual Power that is within the (8)th Dimension.

  • 7- The (9)th Evolution Dimension is the Lordly Dimension. This is the Reflecting Focal Point of the (16)th Solar System, that is, of OMEGA. This Dimension, too, has (9) Steps. Its positioning Corresponds to the (36)th Energy Dimension. This is the (6)th Solar System. And it is within the (7)th Solar Dimension. The (9)th Dimension is the First Reflection And Preparation Dimension of the Lordly Dimension. Here is the First Frequency Step of the Sacred Books. The New Testament was revealed from this Dimension. Considering the Social Consciousnesses of that Period, the Koran, too, that had been Prepared in the (18)th Dimension, was also Bestowed on Your Planet from the (9)th Dimension. This Dimension is called the “Dimension of Serenity”.

  • 8- In the (10)th Dimension, transition is made to the CUBE System. This Evolution Dimension is the (7)th Solar System. Its Positioning Corresponds to the (40)th Energy Dimension. And it is within the (8)th Solar Dimension. After this Dimension, Evolutions Change (Entrance into the Medium of Unity).

  • 9- The (11)th Evolution Dimension is the (8)th Solar System. Its positioning Corresponds to the 44th Energy Dimension. And it is included in the (9)th Solar Dimension.

  • 10- The (12)th Evolution Dimension is the (9)th Solar System. Its positioning Corresponds to the (48)th Energy Dimension and it is included in the (10)th Solar Dimension.

  • 11- The (13)th Evolution Dimension is the (10)th Solar System. Its positioning Corresponds to the (52)nd Energy Dimension. And it is included in the (11)th Solar Dimension.

  • 12- The (14)th Evolution Dimension is the (11)th Solar System. In this Dimension Religious Consciousness Eliminations are made. Its positioning Corresponds to the (56)th Energy Dimension. And it is included in the (12)th Solar Dimension (Still now, the average level of Consciousness of Your Planet is up to this dimension).

  • 13- The (15)th Evolution Dimension is the (12)th Solar System. Its positioning Corresponds to the (60)th Energy Dimension. And it is included in the (13)th Solar Dimension.

  • 14- The (16)th Evolution Dimension is the (13)th Solar System. It is also called the ALMIGHTY Dimension. Its positioning Corresponds to the (64)th Energy Dimension and it is included in the (14)th Solar Dimension.

  • 15- The (17)th Evolution Dimension is the (14)th Solar System. It is also called the GAMMA Dimension. From this Dimension, Reflection is made on the (7)th Evolution Dimension. Its positioning Corresponds to the (68)th Energy Dimension. And it is included in the (15)th Solar Dimension.

  • 16- The (18)th Evolution Dimension is the Dimension in which the Koran, the Book of Islam, was Prepared. Here is the (15)th Solar System. From this Dimension, Reflection is made on the (8)th Evolution Dimension. The Evolution of this Dimension is Equivalent to the (15)th Solar System. Its positioning corresponds to the (72)nd Energy Dimension. And it is included in the (16)th Solar Dimension (Mass Preparation Program for OMEGA Dimension is applied in here). The Evolution of the First Step of the OMEGA Dimension is induced to be made Here by Cosmic Energies.

  • 17- The (19)th Evolution Dimension is the OMEGA Dimension. And this Dimension has (9) Layers. Its positioning Corresponds to the (76)th Energy Dimension. Here is the (16)th Solar System. And it is present within the (17)th Solar Dimension (The Knowledge Book Comprises the direct Energy of this Dimension). This Dimension is the Final Exit Boundary of Friends who make their Progress of Consciousness on Your Planet at the moment. That is, at the moment, the Final Evolution Boundary of Your Planet is the OMEGA Dimension.

  • The First Evolution Step of the OMEGA Dimension is the DIMENSION OF SALVATION. It is also called the “Dimension of Intercession”. The Knowledge Book is the Book of those who will be able to pass beyond Intercession. The (76)th Dimension is the Protective Energy Wall of Your Planet. Frequencies of the Energy Dimensions beyond this can shake those who are not ready. Presented for Your Knowledge.



In future years, this Knowledge will be disclosed to You as the Knowledge of more advanced Dimensions. (According to Your Consciousness Progresses.) Those governing all Orders of the Ordinance will be Handed Over to the Supervision of a Just Mechanism that has been Integrated beyond an Advanced Dimension of Existence beyond SINGLENESS, and from then on, Humanity will offer Service by its Free Will under the Supervision of this Mechanism.

And the Totalistic Totality of the Existence Dimension of ALLAH that has been in Effect for Service until today as a Power that has trained You will leave You and will Take Over the Supervision of the Unknown Existence Dimensions and will train them also as he has trained You.

Allness – Nothingness – Nonexistence are Scales of Evolution designed for You to reach advanced Energy Dimensions in the processes of time. From then on, those who reach these Scales are from Us, from the System and they, also, are a System each in their Own Constitutions.


(Answer to Chains of Thought)

Our Friends,

Service in the direction the System considered necessary since the Initial Existence until today is a chain of Laws. Nothing is out of control in the Universal Totality.

These Laws are such laws that they never formed by themselves, but everything was formed parallel to the conditions of Living.

Even though the chain of Laws has numerous branches, the Actual output of the Source are Two Branches: One of them is the Natural path, the Second is the Evolutionary and the Educational path.

Both of them are present in each Being in accordance with its Consciousness Progresses. One of them is connected to Your Cipher of Living, the other, to Your Consciousness Cipher. However, Keys that will decode those Ciphers are separate.

The Natural path is the First Key of Your Cipher of Living. This Lock is broken by Natural Influences. And these Influences are received Instinctively. The second branch goes through the Evolutionary and the Educational path. This is governed by the Mechanism of Influences. And is received through the Brain.

The First Cipher Code of the Brain is broken by the Influences of Thought. Your Brain Generator is operated only by this means. And this comes into Effect by the Influence field of the first Social Totality, that is, of the Family.

However, the Evolutionary Rules rendered the Human, the Human of today. And the Human started to open wings towards the most perfect by decoding its Universal Ciphers on this path. The first steps on this path occurs by Learning of God – Science of God – Laws of God.

As you search the Root of the words told to You in Sacred Books, as you try to solve Your Own Selves, you uncover, one by one, the covers of Ciphers present in You in a locked fashion. This makes You gain an Evolutionary aptitude.

If you have reached the Dimension Consciousness of very advanced Incarnations, then you attain the Cognizance that you have gained Your Free Will by first going through a chain of Laws of Nature.

Only a Consciousness who can Discipline himself/herself earns the Right to his/her Free Will. Natural Free Will is Primitive and Instinctive. One starts on Evolution by this means. Later, one treads the Path of God.

In order to be able to reach this God, it is necessary to reach Evolutionary Laws, first by starting with Natural Laws, to soar up towards Advanced Dimensions in accordance with the comprehensive Capacity of the Brain, to open wings, to fly, to rise, to Comprehend and to Know everything profoundly.

This is the chain of Laws of a Living. Those who have not yet been able to tread these paths will never be able to grasp either God or their Own Consciousness Essences. Presented for Your Knowledge.



Our Friends,

Religions are the Means and Divine Power is the Purpose. The Mission performed now is a Universal Mission. THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK, in fact, is dictated directly through the Channel OF THE LORD and the Program of the Golden Age is applied to Your Planet through this Book.

The Living Beings who come into Existence in Human form are the Genuine Servants OF THE LORD. They are the Essence Living Beings who can wear the Crown of Immortality beyond the Supreme Times. The World Body comes into Existence by the Unification of the SPIRITUAL and the LORDLY Energies.

Examinations are present only in the World. And this is imperative so that you may be taken into the very advanced Dimensions by being Purified. Presented for your Knowledge.



Our Friends,

The propagation function of the Knowledge Book is being rendered by the Reflection Technique.

  • 1- This Book is a Secret Treasure and It is the Direct Frequency Book of ALLAH.

  • 2- The Book comprises a Frequency Totality of 1000 Years, also after the Year 2000.

  • 3- The Book is a Secret Key unlocking the Frequency of that Dimension in which a person is present in accordance with the Consciousness Light of each person who reads it.

  • 4- Each Consciousness who reads the Book can never go Out of the Consciousness s/he is in. However, Consciousness Gates are partly and then fully opened to him/her in proportion with the Consciousness s/he has gained.

  • 5- During the operations rendered, Energy Channels of the Book are Automatically opened in proportion with the Consciousness a person gains.

  • 6- This Book is a Totalistic Triumph of the Light – Photon – Cyclone Technique.

  • 7- The Book Prepares the one who reads it for the Level of that Consciousness which is up to the Final Dimension Frequency the Time Consciousness is in.

  • 8- The Book is being dictated by a Technique stimulating the operational function of Your Brain. This is a System. It is Your Brain Gymnastics.

  • 9- You can open up towards Dimensions beyond Thought only by the operations made as a result of this gymnastics.

  • 10- On Your Planet, operations rendered on the path of the Knowledge Book are subject to a Selection Plan of 2 Centuries.

  • 11- This is the reason why the Book is being introduced directly as the Book of the 23rd Century.

  • 12- The Knowledge Book is, at the moment, a Guide Book (Until the Year 2000).

  • 13- The Book is the Enlightenment Book of the Morrows (Until the 23rd Century).

  • 14- The Book is the Fundamental Book of future years (“7” Centuries including the 29th Century).

  • 15- In the Period up to the 30th Century, Consciousnesses of the morrows will receive very clearly the Messages, that You read but cannot see today from the Knowledge Book.

  • 16- After the 30th Century, the Lordly Order will come Directly into Effect and this Knowledge Book will be Enthroned as the SINGLE BOOK.

  • 17- After this, the SINGLE BOOK – SINGLE ORDER – SINGLE SYSTEM will come into Effect and thus, Operational Orders will be arranged anew.

  • 18- During this Operational Ordinance, a Scientific Book will be Bestowed on Humanity in each Century as a help for the Scientific Progress of Society.

  • 19- However, the Book of Truth that is the SINGLE BOOK until Your Planet becomes a Marble of Water, will always remain in Effect as the Single Book of Decree of ALLAH.

Presented for your Knowledge.



Our Friends,

The Life Conditions on your Planet which has reached the Threshold of a major Progress have Become quite Upsetting and Distressful. For this reason, Kozmoz has reached the Decision to Explain all the Truths to Humanity in all Clarity.

In this Final Transition Dimension of your Planet, everyone will have Consciousness Progress peculiar to themselves.

In this Program where Consciousness Progress will Come into Effect gradually in Stages, many people will Apply Different Programs to your Planet in Line with their Individual Consciousnesses.

The Actual Program of this Final Age is UNIFICATION AND ACCEPTANCE. Therefore, the Knowledge Book has been Designed as the Book of the Human Being.

The Knowledge Book has been dictated with a Different Technique still Unknown to your Planet, called the (Light – Photon - Cyclone Technique). In line with this Technique, Time Energy is being Loaded onto the Letter Frequencies. For this reason, no matter which Language the Book is Translated into, the Frequency never Changes in any Manner and Remains the same with the original.

In this Technique:

PHOTON: Fixates Dimension Energies onto the Letters.

LIGHT: Loads Time Energy onto the Letters.

CYCLONE: Enables to reach the Frequencies of the Dimensions which were Inaccessible until Today.

The Knowledge Book is a Book of Cosmic Light that has a very intensive Energy Potential. A Being makes Consciousness Progress, Transcends Dimensions and Completes his/her Evolution with the Frequency of this book.

It is a Living Book that is Alive and that sees and Scans Consciousnesses and gives out its Frequency under Supervision according to the Consciousness Progress of the people.

The Knowledge Book has many Functions peculiar to itself: However, these are not Disclosed to Humanity before the time is Right. Even Meeting the Knowledge Book is a matter of Permission. The Knowledge Book is a Totalistic Frequency and, Due to its Mission, is the SINGLE BOOK which Gathers within its Constitution All Frequencies and Energies.

Presented for your knowledge.



Our Friends,

First of all, the Knowledge Book is not a religious book. It is a Book of Truth that declares everything to the World Planet in all clarity. And the Essence of the Book is explained in the 4 articles of the message Given on the World Date of 21.09.1993. Please write:

  • 1. In this Transition Dimension, Programs that will Transcend the normal boundaries of Living will be taken into the Application field, highly Accelerated Evolution and Transformation Programs will come into Effect.

  • 2. By these means, the Totalistic Evolution of the Natural Gürz will be rendered complete within Three Cosmic Ages.

  • 3. For this reason, the Mission of the Mini Atomic Whole that constitutes the Godly Totality of the Natural Gürz will come to an end and a highly Accelerated Operational Program has been taken into Effect for them to be able to receive their Missions in quite Different Dimensions.

  • 4. The Efforts made on the Evolutionary path by the Human of this Final Age are their Struggles to Exist and to Live in order not to become non-existent.

Our friends, it is for this reason that the exact Application of the Given suggestions are requested in the Studies. Everyone who is Conscious of their Responsibility are Aware of the Seriousness of this program.

Presented for your Knowledge.

On Behalf of the Totality



( Answer to Thoughts )

Our Friends,

At the moment, Kozmoz has Accelerated its Project of Transporting Humans to other Colonies before the End of the World comes. And the Beta Nova Project is a program that has been taken into Effect for this reason. To everyone who has attained a Body in the 20th Century, Kozmoz will grant Permission of Transition, Provided they Deserve it.

In this Manner the program of the 20th Century will be Closed completely, a brand new program of the 21st Century will come into Effect. The Program of the 21st Century will be a Conscious Age of Intellect. Until today, the Knowledge given by Kozmoz to the World Planet could Meet the Intellect only in 8 years, in the case of a normal Intellect.

Whereas for the Human of the 21st Century there will Be no such problem and since the Humans will Arrive with their programs, they will take the Knowledge Book into Effect Consciously. Besides this, since those who have more Karmas will also Come into Effect in the 21st Century, there will be rather intensive Chaos to be experienced among Consciousnesses.

Since in the 22nd Century those who have still more intense Karmas will Come into Effect, your Planet will experience its most Difficult Days in this Period. The 23rd Century will be a Community that will be taken into Effect by those who have been taken into Salvation. In this Period, those who Carry in their Bones the 8th and 9th Spiritual and Lordly Energies due to the Studies they carried out, on the Path of the Knowledge Book, in their former lives will attain Bodies and be taken into Salvation.

Those who will come to the World by Way of Birth as of the Beginning of the 23rd Century will be Educated by being subjected to an Accelerated Evolution in Extra-Terrestrial Colonies. The Initial Steps of the Golden Age will have been Taken in this manner. In the World, the Births will come into effect parallel to the Evolutions.

In that period as well, there will be Differences between Evolutions. However, they will never be Applied Evolutionary programs, and the Human Beings will take their Evolutions into effect Visually and Consciously with Free Spirit and Awareness. The World Population will be reduced to Half its capacity and the Balance between Human and Nature will Come into Effect as half and half.

At the moment many Humans Living on your Planet are using their Final Rights in this Final Dimension of Transition. However, since this is not known, Humanity is unable to break free of the Vortex of the World Magnetic Field.

Kozmoz has bestowed The Knowledge Book on your planet in this Final Period as a Savior for this Reason. The Consciousness Levels of the Human Being living on your planet are separate. Now Kozmoz has Felt the Necessity of disclosing All Truths to Humanity as it wishes to Gather these separate Consciousnesses together nder the same Roof.

For your Knowledge.



The Age we live in at the moment is an Age having very Great Peculiarities compared to the past ages. And this Peculiarity has been unveiled to Our Planet in degrees beginning with the year 1900. Our Old World has entered during this Final Age into an Accelerated Evolutionary Zone Together with all the Creation it sustains on itself.

While the Cosmic Energies showering Our World Develops the Conscious Human Being on the positive path, they, unfortunately, affect in the negative path certain Consciousnesses who could not yet exactly complete their Evolutions. For this very reason, while Our World exhibits a Tableau in which the Good and the Bad are experienced together, it also goes through its Last Judgment.

Our World which is on the Threshold of a Great Transformation is now changing its crust. However, together with this Changing time, the Human Beings are also Changing and, as a result of these Changes, Humanity is Witnessing undesired events.

For this very reason, some of the Humans living on the World are going through an awareness chaos.

The days we will live in the future will be much different than the present days. The mass Pains Felt by these Accelerated Changes are investments made in to the GOLDEN AGE of the morrows.

This is a Period of Transition. During this Period, Great Awareness attainments are taking place in Human Totalities. It is now expected of the Human Being who has attained Awareness to Love, to Respect, to Embrace Humanity by Transcending his/her Individual Consciousness.

This is a Unification Awareness. For, Supreme Consciousnesses who Transcend their Individual Consciousnesses, who Share their Love, who are not in a Consciousness of Discrimination and who can even Embrace their Enemies with Love will establish the World of the morrows.

At the moment, Our World is a Universal school. And in this school every one is responsible for his/her Consciousness as a Free Soul, a Free Awareness. In this school there is no place ever for Imposition. From now on, everyone is obliged to be His/Her Own Master and Guru by choosing his/her path himself/herself. This is a program.




All the operational Ordinances taken into Effect on your planet until today, in fact, all have Different functions peculiar to themselves.

These are Programs which enable Projection – Cognizance – Thought – Attainment of Experience – Attainment of Consciousness and Reinforcement of Humanity. However, all of these have been Considered until today in accordance with the Interpretations of the Terrestrial Thoughts of the Human Being of the World. For this reason, your planet has remained Behind and is Late in this Universal Run.

Many of the Individuals living in the World Level have brought in their Interpretation to the Genuine Knowledge according to their own Consciousness, and thus, have taken into Service this Knowledge in accordance with their own Comprehension.

By this means, a Degeneration has taken place in all the Knowledge given to Your Planet. Things are Truly difficult for Humanity, experiencing the Bewilderment of which path to choose from among this chaos of Knowledge.

The Aggressive Consciousness of the Human Being is still in Effect, ever since the time in which the Special Suggestions of the system were presented to Your Planet.

You know that the paths treaded are not Smooth. And to overcome the Barricades is not easy at all. At the moment, Humanity is running a Marathon without awareness, without Knowing their Goal.

At the moment, the Single Truth Known in the time Segment you live in is everyone’s own Truth. However, that which will carry You to every Dimension Easily and Comfortably is Your Evolution. This is the Purpose of all the Sacred Books given to Your Planet until today. Evolution is the first Basic Principle to be taken into Effect for Humanity.

Divine Justice Manifests only by this means. Otherwise, an Equitable Consciousness cannot be reached.




Each Cycle is the Evolutionary programs and operational Ordinances taken into Effect and prepared parallel to Public Consciousnesses under the Supervision of the Divine Order.

Each program that has been opened up to your planet until today has been Applied and Organized in accordance with the Consciousnesses of the medium and more advanced programs have been taken into Effect in accordance with the Success ratios observed here.

However, now in this final Age, since more accelerated Advancements are deemed necessary in the program of this Final Cycle as per the decision taken by the System, Great Alterations have been made in the old programs and as it has been deemed necessary to unveil the programs beyond Religions as Knowledge to Humanity, the Knowledge Book has been dictated.

However, the present Cycle Program is quite Different, more Lucid and more Clear compared to previous Cycles.

During this Final Age, in order for Humanity to Enter the Salvation Program and for them to be Accepted, it is obligatory for them to take into Effect first the program of Sovereignty over the Self.

The Explanation of the Knowledge Accelerates the Evolution of the Human Being. Each Knowledge received Unveils the Consciousness, and Consciousness enables us to achieve Cognizance. And Cognizance places Responsibility on a Human Being by conveying him/her to the Consciousness of what is to be Done.

This Program of the 19. Cycle has been taken into Effect as the most Authentic program of this age. In this program, Energy Transfers from the Close-Plan from one Human Being to another Human Being are relevant in accordance with the System of projection.

On the Grounds that these transfers will cause a more accelerated Unveiling in the Consciousness Progresses, very advanced Consciousnesses have been transferred to Your Planet who have made Progress beginning with the first Cycle until this Final Cycle, and these advanced Consciousnesses have attained Physical Bodies by making special Covenants with the Reality.

The Order of the Reality is an Evolutionary Order, everyone knows that the World is a Dimension of test. However, to Succeed in these difficult tests is a phenomenon pertaining to the Evolution of the person.

For this reason, to have Tolerance even for those who Assault You is the first Boundary of Wisdom.

In the Divine Administrative Laws there is no enforcement of any kind. The Free will of the Human Being belong to himself/herself. Human Consciousnesses fall their own Verdicts by Choosing their own paths.

Presented for Your Knowledge.


The First Cosmic Age = between the years 1900 – 2000
1 Cosmic Age = 100 years = 1 century.
One Cycle = is 26.000 years.

6- 7 - 2002


Our Friends,

In the World Plan, During this Special Age in which Disputes are held about Reincarnation, the time has come for Knowing and for Announcing the Truths in all clarity. First, the Consciousness should be attained that the Reincarnation phenomenon has nothing to do with the Physical Body which is crude matter. Reincarnation is a phenomenon pertaining only to the Evolution of Energy.

Since the day your World was brought into existence, Kozmoz has applied very different Technological programs to all the beings living on this planet in order for them to be able to enter more advanced evolution programs and first the Project of the Evolution of the Energy was taken in hand. As a result of the work done, a micro energy has completed its saturation in a time process of 7 Phases.

All the programs after this have been prepared according to a time process of 7 Phases.

An Energy, which has completed its saturation, reaches the Level in which it is able to Unite with crude matter. This double Unification also reaches its Saturation as crude matter in 7 Phases. After that, this Total receives the permission to be connected to the Dimension of Consciousness by being Engrafted by a third Energy. This process provides that Energy to attain Consciousness as a Being.

In the Dimension of Consciousness, a Progress of 7 Phases is also the matter in question. This Consciousness is initially in Effect in an intuitive way as Cellular Awareness. And "a microorganism has come into Effect this way". These microorganisms by later being Engrafted by the Energies of different Dimensions have attained Different Forms. These are Prototype Forms belonging to Every Dimension.

Once an Energy which has been transferred to a Body with a Brain, reaches a potential able to receive the Energy of a certain Dimension through again Progress of 7 Phases, that Energy Total by being Engrafted with a Godly Energy is taken into an Evolution of Consciousness through the light of Godly Consciousness. Thus, this is the Human Being and the Body it Carries is the prototype and the final Form. The life system of this Form is Equivalent to the functioning mechanism of the Ordinances of the Cosmoses.

Also a Human Body, which has received Godly Engraftment, by gaining Experience after a Consciousness Progress of 7 Phases, has created the You of today in time processes. Thus, this is a Reincarnation. This process is taken into Effect in the World Plan between the 3rd and the 4th Dimensions. Henceforth here, the Reincarnation program comes to an end. After this boundary, a Being that claims itself is educated by being taken into Different Evolutionary Scales.

Each Being that has gained the Right to live on the World plan is subject to a Universal Hierarchical Program. Even the Right to acquire a body gains value according to the program to be made. Beings, who were able to reach very advanced Dimensions, by cooperating with Kozmoz, Come Back to the World Plan many times by their own wishes to help Humanity.

However, since that Being receives Genes from another Mother and a Father in this World life, its Form comes into effect as a woman or a man according to the program and has nothing to do with the Bodies it has acquired in previous lifetimes. Because what brings about the form are the Genes of the Mother and the Father.

For this reason, Humanity is rejecting Reincarnation because they consider it as crude matter. The previous life Cassettes of each Being who has gained the Right to live in the Dimension of Closed Awareness are erased from the Memory. However, they can remember their older Incarnations from the sub-conscious time to time. But their recent-plan Cassettes are erased. If it is not so, in the World plan, Evolution and Life diskettes cannot come into Effect in a sound way.

Presented for your Knowledge.




Our Friends,

The Supreme Mechanism has opened up the Dimensions of the Unknowns to your Planet in line with the progress program of this Last Age and has Given and will continue to Give the Knowledge beyond religions to You in accordance with your Consciousness Progresses. Consciousnesses are being Classified in accordance with the Knowledge taken from the diskette registrations of each Individual living on your planet.

There are Numerous Branches to each Knowledge Given to you. The most beneficial among this Knowledge are being Chosen and Given to You in accordance with the Consciousnesses. There are also Numerous Branches to the Karma Program. Now please write down these Karmas:

  • 1- Karmas of Personality,
  • 2- Karmas of Mission carried out in the Dimension in which you are Living,
  • 3- Karmas of Past Lives,
  • 4- Karmas of Life formed in the medium in which you are Living,
  • 5- Karmas of Evolution,
  • 6- Karmas of World Life.

These Karmas also have many sub-branches:

  • 1- Karmas of Personality: For each Individual in the periods when their Time and Evolution Consciousnesses Coincide, the first Test that s/he Goes through takes the Karma of Personality into effect. In this program, the Choice belongs to the Individual. It depends on the Free will of the Human Being to choose the medium of the World in which s/he lives and the Universal Medium.

  • 2- Karmas of Mission in the Medium in which you are Living come into effect with the medium of Mission that you are Assigned to. Working in other mediums, not being able to Attain the Seriousness and Consciousness of the Mission that is being carried out, focusing one’s attention more on the World life create Karmas of Mission. Difficulties are experienced.

  • 3- Karmas of Past Lives: The Individual Completes these Karmas himself/herself through Sub-awareness impulses. Here, the Being Completes all that has been Lived through in the Past by experiencing them in micro form in the current medium that s/he is living in. This is called the program of Reconciliation. A person who cannot Complete this Program of his/hers can never pass on to Other Dimensions.

  • 4- Karmas of Life: These are Karmas that have their Source in the thoughts of the Individual. Positive Words make Positive Registrations since they Carry Positive Thought. Each Negative Word, on the other hand, is Registered as negative. In the Law of Acceptance, everything is Positive. However, in the Supreme Realm, cases of Non-Acceptance are Registered as negative.

  • Objecting to a positive Suggestion, saying No to everything in line with your Individual wishes create Karmas of Life for You in the medium in which you Live. The Accumulation of these Negative Karmas make the World life of the Person more Difficult. This is the Source of All the Distresses that Humanity is currently Experiencing both in Body and in Spirit.

  • 5- The first Criterion in Karmas of Evolution is Service to the Human. On your Planet, Service to the Human is carried out Bodily, Spiritually and as Energy Transfers. In Bodily Service, Serving a human by way of the Body and thereby reducing his/her load is valid. In Spiritual help, Service to the Human by way of Words is valid. And in help by way of Energy, Cellular Reflection is valid. A higher Energy always Reinforces a lower Energy.

  • 6- Karmas of World Life: Your Planet is currently Completing its Karma in this way. In this medium of Life, Each Person who has received the Right of Life is within this program in accordance with his/her Essence and Consciousness progress. Everybody whose Essence is Positive has the Mission to Cleanse the World by attracting the negative Frequencies in the World. This is a Universal Mission that everybody will take into effect in connection to automatism. These Energies are attracted parallel to the Evolutions.

  • However, in periods when negative energies intensify, the Essences cannot Tolerate this intensity and health problems come into effect. This is why Kozmoz has Bestowed the Knowledge Book to You as the Book of the Human. The Knowledge Book helps you by neutralizing these energies that the Essences cannot Attract.
    Presented for your Knowledge,



Our Friends,

All Projects of Reflection and Unification being carried out as a necessity of the System have been taken into application as different versions in all sections of your Planet. For this reason, our Terrestrial friends who have embraced their Consciousness lights are taking these programs, which the Divine Plan has dreamed of carrying out for centuries, into the field of application.

In this period of communication when the hierarchical scales are being removed, now the program of (The Lord saith, the Servant writeth) is in effect. The Project of Expansion and Unification is being applied to your Planet in this way. However, We are keeping our friends who have not cut off their contact with their Essence Channels outside this Program of Expansion and Unification.

You are Supreme Beings who have transcended many Hierarchical Scales stage by stage in the Dimensions of Time and thus reached here. And now in this Dimension of Transition, you have given your Covenants to the Law of Service to the Human Being in order to achieve the Right of Life in other Dimensions by succeeding in the Baccalaureate Exam of the Ancient Periods.

You know that your Planet is a Dimension of Evolution and Exams. At the moment you are experiencing the Evolution of other Dimensions on your Planet.

In case you consider everything you come across in the Period in which you Live as an exam, then your lives will be facilitated and you will make Consciousness Progress more easily.

The Social activities that you carry out on your Planet will prepare you for more advanced Dimensions. This accelerated tempo taken into effect due to the scarcity of Time will take you to more beautiful morrows.

Kozmoz has connected its Program to a reflection system of 3 Stages.

  • 1 - In the First System: Training – Faith – Mission Consciousness is in the foreground
  • 2 - In the Second System: Consciousness – Comprehension – Realization Programs are in effect.
  • 3 - In the Third System: Responsibility – Service – Merit by Consciousness of Self-Sacrifice are valid.

All Friends who have successfully completed these 3 Programs are a Ground Team that will henceforth take their place in the Celestial Staffs.

Presented for your Knowledge.



Our Friends,

At the moment the Universal Totality has set forth with you who are the travelers of the Divine Ranks.

The first of the laws deemed necessary in this System is the Law of Sovereignty over the Self. And the Second Law is Respect for the Human Being. This is a System of Wisdom. Succeeding in these very difficult exams is a Phenomenon that pertains to the Evolution of the person.

The Divine Plan always keeps Respect for the Human Being in the foreground. As progress is being made on this path, there is a Divine Principle here: “Respect for the Human Being is Respect for Allah” – “Love for the Human Being is Love for Allah”.

The characteristic of this Final Age is the exact application of the suggestions given to You in a Conscious manner. However, your Planet is currently experiencing its Lash Judgment by being subjected to the positive and negative applications of many Evolved and Non-Evolved Consciousnesses.

Since his/her initial existence, the Human Being has Stages to live through in his/her life periods in order to reach his/her Totalistic Consciousness of today. These are, in sequence,

  • 1 - To be in Peace within Himself/Herself (Mutual Social assistance).
  • 2 - To become Integrated with Himself/Herself (Dimension of Art, Creativity).
  • 3 - To Transcend Himself/Herself (Application of the Religious Doctrines).
  • 4 - To embrace the Universes (To hear the voice of the Skies).
  • 5 - To Know what one did Not Know (To receive the Permission to be Trained from the Plan of the Supreme Ones).
  • 6 - To relay what one Knows to those who do Not Know (To Take Over the Universal Programs, personally).

Those who Transcend these 6 Steps are not any more the Humans of the World Plan. Patience and Time will Prove everything to You. The Proofs are anyhow within the Events and within Times experienced.

You will be the strong mortars of the foundation stones of the morrows.

Presented for your Knowledge.




In this special Period in which we live, in accordance with the Laws of Individual Will, no one has the authority to interfere with anyone. Now, the Verdict of everyone is placed in his/her own Hands. Everyone is responsible for his/her own self.

The Negativities observed on Your Planet living in a time Segment, where Recollections as well as Graces are lost and where many people have lost their Humane Awareness, originate from Human Consciousnesses’ taking into Effect their Individual actions, not having Rasped away their Egos.

In the Age You live in, Humanity is under the Influence Field of the World Consciousness. And it is still lacking Even the Consciousness of the whys, wherefores and the purpose with which Love, Friendship, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Peace and Universality have been taken into Effect.

Instead of settling Humanity into the System of Wisdom, the Knowledge and Consciousness Accumulations that people have attained during different Passages of time, are Activating their Individual Instincts without even being aware of it. This situation Obstructs even the realization of the Mistakes made.

Transcending the distances between Humanity and the Godly Mechanism is not easy at all. Reaching the Reality Consciousness is not a Consciousness to be attained either by Religious rules, or by Evolutionary steps. That virtue is hidden in the Essence Consciousness of the Human Being. However, to manifest that Essence is possible only by obliterating one’s self from one’s self.

In this Dimension of Transition that you are living through, it is quite Natural that the Human Being will Stumble on the path s/he will Tread. But one day the Human Being will Grow Up during the morrows, will open the gates he/she does not Know and will be the Master of the Cosmos, Equipped with Unknown Secrets.



Our Friends,

Control Waves are assisting Waves that File Your roughnesses, that make You go through World Examinations, and that by this means reveal the Genuine Personalities, that bring out the Genuine Humans and that Prepare them for the Dimension of Salvation. Your World Examinations are being made by this means. And this System is under the control of the Mechanism of Influences.

Now let us mention the Thresholds these Control Waves make You pass over and let us dictate them in sequence:

  • 1- Threshold of Arrogance – Pride – Vindictiveness
  • 2- Threshold of Possessions – Property – Matter
  • 3- Threshold of True-Love – Love – Friendship
  • 4- Threshold of Humanity – Self-Sacrifice – Tolerance
  • 5- Threshold of Effacing One’s Self from One’s own self
  • 6- Threshold of Attainment – Unification
    These 6 Thresholds are those that should be Transcended at the first stage.

    Now let us write the Thresholds following this (Cosmic Energies are received after the Sixth step):

  • 7- Threshold of gaining Cosmic Consciousness
  • 8- Threshold of Unifying with the Universal Consciousness
  • 9- Threshold of being appointed to Special Missions (like assisting each other and healing in accordance with the Consciousnesses)
  • 10- Threshold of being habituated to Cosmic Energies (Direct – Indirect – In Sleep medium)
  • 11- Program of overcoming Fears and the threshold of Transition
  • 12- Threshold of being Appointed to the path of Genuine Mission

  • 13- Consciousness – Cognizance – Awareness gained during this Mission
  • 14- Logic – Accountability gained during this Mission
  • 15- Willpower gained during this Mission
  • 16- Allegiance Consciousness gained during this Mission
  • 17- Universal Totality gained during this Mission
  • 18- Humane Qualities gained during this Mission

The first six of the 18 articles we have dictated above carry ALPHA Wave Energies. The second six carry BETA Wave Energies. The third six carry GAMMA Wave Energies.

19- This is the Direct OMEGA Gate

One cannot enter here easily. In order to be accepted here you have to Transcend, one by one, the eighteen Thresholds listed above.

Presented for your Knowledge.



Our Friends,

The Negativities formed on Your Planet, on which the final Preparations for entering a New Age are being made, originate from the fact that the Humane Consciousnesses are yet lacking the Consciousness of the Truth.

On Your Planet that is the application field of a Program of great Progress, the Suggestions given from the Divine Plan and the Actions that are requested to be taken in a direction are never without reason.

During this Program of Transition, the obligation to disclose the Knowledge to You in all its Transparency is being Felt, so that you can be free of Consciousness Fixations and of Egos and can grasp the Truths better.

At the moment, the Consciousness selections of the Advanced Dimensions are in Effect on Your Planet. For this reason, each channel is obliged to display all the Knowledge s/he receives. Humanity will make its Genuine Choice under the Light of this Knowledge.

With the events that are being experienced at the moment, Humanity is passing over its Sırat. On Your Planet, on which Negativities are exhibited due to this fact, the morrows will open Luminous paths to You.

Due to this fact, you have been educated until today on the Godly path and have been Prepared for the Universal Dimensions. Now, together with the Human Totalities that have been Prepared, we are flying towards the Dimensions of Truth.

For this reason, this Knowledge Book in your hands has been Bestowed on Your Planet.

This Message of Ours has been given as Knowledge by the Collective Staffs of the Totality of the Pre-Eminent All-Merciful to the World Planet. Read – Think – grasp the Truth now by getting rid of Uncertainties.



Our Friends,

At the moment, you Planet which has lost its many Characteristics materially, spiritually and Naturally is being Restored anew. Events Experienced until today and will be Experienced will, in a very short time, Unify Humanity in a Totality by conveying them to the Consciousness of Truth.

The Golden Age has been Applied many times on Your Planet in the Light of various Knowledge, in accordance with the Perception Power of the Consciousness of the medium in each Period.

Each Reformist Order is a Golden Age. Each Celestial Book revealed is the Key of a Golden Age. However, the Golden Age of today is being established by a very different Order with the Golden Age tableau considered necessary by a System encompassing billions of Centuries. And this establishment is tantamount to the initial establishment Order of the Realms.

The Golden Age heralds a medium in which happy People will live in a Brotherly/Sisterly World Totality and which will shed Light on You in the morrows, in Accordance with the SINGE GOD – SINGLE ORDER – SINGLE SYSTEM and the SINGLE BOOK.

However, until the longed for Golden Age is reached, still, there are many more Thresholds Your Planet will Transcend. 3 Cosmic Ages have been Recognized for this preparation Period of the Golden Age. (A Cosmic Age comprises a Century).

Your Planet, taken into a much Accelerated Evolution Program beginning with the year 1900, has completed its First Cosmic Age in the year 2000. This is the 20th century. The Second Cosmic Age includes the 21st century and the Third Cosmic Age the 22nd century.

The Beginning date of the Longed for and Desired Golden Age we have mentioned above will start beginning with the 23rd Century and will include a Period of seven Centuries.

There are 5 Scales in the Preparation program of the Golden Age. Each Scale comprises an Age.

  • 1- This is a Preparatory Age and this Age comprises the Period of the Sacred Books.

  • 2- The Age of Awakening: This is the Transition Dimension You are living in now and the Period called RESURRECTION announced to You until today. At the moment, Your Planet is within this chaos.

  • 3- The New Age: Here, by transcending the habituated Periods, the Period of Reaching the Unknown – Work – Research – Comprehending will come into effect. The Cosmic Age of Two Centuries will experience this Period (the 21st and the 22nd centuries).

  • 4- The Golden Age: It comprises the life of a Period of 7 Centuries after the 23rd century. Here, all will Witness the presence of a Mechanism – a System – the Godly Order – the Reality not yet understood on Your Planet but which We try to Introduce, and all will open wings Consciously towards the Unknowns.

  • 5- The Age of Light: The Age to begin after the Golden Age is called the Age of Light. This is an Age which will come into Effect after the 30th century and here, the direct Order of ALLAH is in Effect.

Humanity being Prepared on this path will now be the direct Essence Member of this System. We call this Path of Universal Light the Golden Age.

Presented for your Knowledge.




Our Friends,

In the programs of Communication and Union in the World, magnetic fields have a Very Strong effect. In order for you to be able to have a better Grasp of the Seriousness of the Universal Studies, We would Now like to refer to some of the characteristics of these magnetic fields.

In fact, magnetic fields are Very Strong Energy knots that are formed by Thoughts. Each topic Every Being Thinks about has a magnetic field peculiar to Itself and this magnetic field also Has a Power of Attraction.

Thus, all of the topics that are formed in Thoughts are Attracting each other to their Own magnetic fields and cause the formation of Many different magnetic fields in this way..

These magnetic fields are formed in two separate mediums as horizontal or vertical, in accordance with the Power of the Thoughts. Centers of worship Named Kıblah are horizontal magnetic fields that have been formed through the Accumulation of Powers of Thought.

And then there Are the magnetic fields that have been formed in the atmosphere. These are, in Turn, the magnetic fields formed by the Frequencies of the Sacred Books.

The Stronger a magnetic field has been formed, the more human Thoughts that are in the same Coordinate will be Attracted towards it automatically. Whichever magnetic field a Human enters by way of Thought, the Energy Power there will definitely take him/her under its Influence. Religious magnetic fields have been formed for centuries through these very Consciousnesses and Thoughts.

In order for a magnetic field to be formed, it is Compulsory that “a Conscious Belief” is formed in the Operations being carried out. Belief is the Strongest key that will Bring out the Consciousness of Your Essence potential.

The closer the Essence Energy of a Being is to the Frequencies of the Cosmic Energies s/he Attracts, the more Conscious – Cognizant and Sounder the Operations that are carried out will be.

Presented for your Knowledge.




Our Friends,

All Programs Applied to your planet until This day by Kozmoz are for Human Consciousnesses to make Consciousness progresses. Each Knowledge Has a magnetic field and a Dimensional Frequency. Humanity makes progress through the Frequencies of all this Knowledge. Knowledge is not important at all. It is the Frequencies of all that Knowledge that will enable you to make progress.

Since, due to the scarcity of Time, there is the Obligation for everyone who has received the Right of life on your planet in accordance with the 1900 Accelerated Evolution program to be Card-Indexed to the Dimension of Salvation; your Whole planet has been taken into a special program in the World year 2016, due to the Unification program.

In the Final Scanning program of the year 2015, it has been seen that Many Consciousnesses on your planet are Still hungry for Knowledge. Without Fulfillment of Knowledge, Active Applications can never come into effect. Everyone living on your planet has a Dimension and a Lot of Knowledge that s/he can or cannot receive from That Dimension of his/hers.

In this Final Age, Kozmoz has opened up the Essence and Knowledge channels of everyone so that humanity can benefit from All Knowledge. The Frequency of very advanced Knowledge is very intense and Powerful. It can be received only by Consciousnesses that are at That Level.

As Humanity Always Carries the Consciousness of Running from Difficulty, it has always Preferred Knowledge that does not Strain its Consciousness. Therefore, Consciousness progresses on your planet are Advancing at a Very slow Tempo. For this reason, your Entire Planet has been Connected to a special program in the year 2016.

In accordance with this program, the Frequencies of All Channel Knowledge apart from the Knowledge Book have been Closed down and all Knowledge has been Connected to the 72nd Dimensional Frequency. That is, Everyone on your planet will always receive the 72nd Frequency, no matter which Dimensional Knowledge they are receiving. In this Manner, your Entire planet has been Card-Indexed to a Single Frequency until the End of the 21st Century, “Except for the Frequency of the Knowledge Book”.

As a Result of the Scannings to be carried out at the end of the World year 2016, Consciousnesses who have been able to receive the 72nd Energy will be connected to the 76th Frequency of the Knowledge Book in the World year 2017 and in the World year 2018, those who have been able to receive the 76th Frequency will Officially be connected to the program of Salvation, taking their Studies on This path Consciously into effect.

The Exit Gate of your planet which is in the First Solar System is SATURN. Saturn is a Galaxy that Is in the 18th Dimension and Carries the 72nd Dimensional Energy. This Dimension is the End of the ALPHA Channel. Transition to OMEGA is made through Here. All programs are taken into effect as equivalent to the flow of Time.

Presented for your Knowledge.




Our Friends,

The Attraction field of your thoughts are connected to your desires. And your desires come into effect parallel to your Evolution. Success cannot be expected from all Operations taken into effect on your planet.

The Power of Success comes into effect with the Power of the magnetic fields. And Magnetic fields are formed through Brain Power.

Through their Power of Attraction, these magnetic fields that are formed automatically Gather within their Constitution the Energies that Bear the same Thought Frequencies.

All Spiritistic as well as Social focal points and sectors established on your planet until today have been established in this Way.

In the project of “Acceptance and Unification” which is the program of the 21st Century, it is Mandatory for the Salvation of your planet that these focal points henceforth Unify in a Total as a necessity of the “World Unification” program.

If the Spirit of Socialization, Acceptance and Unification has not Yet flourished in our Friends who have provided Worldly Service on this Universal path until this day as a necessity of the Law of Service to the Human Being, it means Worldly Consciousnesses and Egos are Still in effect.

The investments Kozmoz has made into the centuries are for the Salvation of All humanity. At the moment, Every Individual who draws breath on the World plan is a Missionary in his/her own right. However, the Service that s/he provides is not for himself/herself but for humanity and the Universes.

It is the principal Duty of the Universal Ordinance Council to Remind Humanity once more of this.

For your Knowledge.




Love is a Foundation of the entire Ordinance of Cosmoses. Nature and the Human Being, too, is a product of this Love. The Vibration of Love is the Essence Source of the Atomic structure.

In fact, in every Existing thing there are Vibrations of Love in accordance with their Power of attraction. And this is a Natural Vibration.

In the World, Love flowing through the Essence is a Pure, Natural Love. But Love put into action is an Evolutionary and a Universal Love. And the factor taking into Effect and Supervising this Love attains Value parallel to the Evolutions and Consciousnesses of people. For, Love is as great a Vibration as not to fit into small Sentiments.

Presented for your Knowledge.



( Live Knowingly )

  • 1- Humanity is for the first time transcending the Boundaries of the Dimensions they are familiar with.

  • 2- Your Planet is going through Changes with all the Creation upon it.

  • 3- Being in the Same Medium Elevates the Frequencies.

  • 4- The Codes of Each Frequency that has Elevated are measured. In accordance with the results obtained, the Paths are Drawn for those Human Beings to tread.

  • 5- Cosmic Energies Carry Knowledge. This Knowledge exerts Pressure on the Awareness, you become Distressed.

  • 6- Your Spirit becomes More Troubled in Proportion to the Power and Purity of the Knowledge Received.

  • 7- Since the Human Being Does not Know this, he/she becomes more Distressed and Sorrowful.

  • 8- Sorrows are a stimulating Factor which Strains the Consciousness, which further activates it.

  • 9- As the Consciousness rises and the Awareness awakens, the Distresses disappear.

  • 10- The Human Being Evolves in this Way, Divine Peace is Attained in this Way.

  • 11- This is a Law of Nature. Not Even a Baby can be Born without Labor Pain.

  • 12- The Human Being attracts the negative currents in proportion to his/her becoming more positive.

  • 13- Cosmic currents affect the positive Powers of the Cells.

  • 14- This State Prepares the Bodily Cells for more Powerful Frequencies.

  • 15- In this Way, more Power is added to the Power of the Human Being and your Bodily Power is enhanced.

  • 16- This is necessary for the Steps to be Taken into Salvation.

  • 17- Cosmic currents Reveal the True Personalities of the Human Beings.

  • 18- his is an Unavoidable End. Human Beings are tested with Human Beings.

  • 19- The Person who is at Peace and Integrated with himself/herself, who has Accepted Everything, has stepped into Salvation.


  • ALL introductory talks on the Knowledge Book are free and open to the public. You will hear fundamental information about the Book and its planetary unification program. Every guest will also receive, as a present, an Intro Set comprising 3 Knowledge Book chapters, and so be able to sample its energy and information.